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     A typical session will last 60 minutes. The time is spent with you lying on a treatment table fully clothed. 

With a light touch, I use my hands on and off the body to sense the vibration of your energy field and attend to the areas of congested energy. The session may facilitate a deep sense of calm and relaxation, thus allowing the nervous system to feel nurtured in a supportive environment. I am here to support you in your healing process. This is accomplished by knowing how to hold a clear vibration and inviting your energy field to realign to it's own highest vibration. The energy body holds the potential for the physical body. Trust and subtle awareness are key components of this work. My work is intended to enhance not replace conventional medical services or professional psychotherapy. I respect the trust you place in me.

New Client Introductory Offer

60-minute session: $55.00

Single Session


A great way to experience my work is with a single session to see if I am a good fit for your needs. It is important for you to feel comfortable with me to allow your body to relax.

3 Session Package


($50.00 savings) 


A package is a great way to make a commitment to yourself. This will allow us to go deeper with each session as trust is built between us for this work. 

5 Session Package


($75.00 savings)


This package can  be utilized for continued work on your evolving energy field, stabilizing the  changes in new habits and thought patterns you are creating.

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