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How Energy Healing Supports Cancer Treatments

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     Having worked with cancer in the medical field, along with my understanding of the layers of the energy body, have helped me see the need for energy healing to be available to patients undergoing treatment therapies. While Chemo and Radiation address the physical aspects of the illness there is a need to address the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well.


During Radiation: As the radiation penetrates the energy field it can tear/burn the layers of the field. Like nylon being held to a heated flame. This tear will affect each layer of the field. These tears can weaken our energy field, allowing our energy to leak or foreign energies to enter. Energy healing repairs this tear and seals the field.


During Surgery: While the physical body part is removed, the etheric field (the first layer of the energy field) needs to be addressed as well. The physical body is sewn up but the etheric field remains cut and distorted from the surgery procedure. This can be put back into alignment with energy healing work. Also, the anesthesia can be cleared with known techniques.


Chemo: Chemo is administered throughout the body. While Chemo is often needed, the side effects can be addressed with energy healing. Clearing the field, balancing the field, strengthening the field allows for faster recovery.


Intention: I often see a split intention with patients. They want the cure of the treatments, but long for a simpler, more holistic approach. Energy Healing is one modality that can support the patient on a holistic level. It will relax the nervous system, clear their thoughts, bring them in alignment with the decisions they are making with the guidance of their healthcare team.


Emotions: Cancer treatment involves many emotions that can lead to overwhelm. Anxiety, caused by decisions, schedules, work conflict, family interactions, finances to name a few, can build in our system without us even being aware of the increasing stress levels as we adapt to the tasks at hand. There may also be feelings of shame for not being able to show up as fully as you have in the past at work, for the family, for yourself. Deep rest is experienced during an energy healing, allowing the nervous system to relax and reset. As stagnant energy leaves the energy body, there is a felt sense of relief.

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